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Tolono Family Scares Burglar From Their Home

TOLONO-- Deanna Maxwell says all was quiet in her family's Tolono home late last night. Her 14-year old daughter was already asleep and she and her husband were getting ready for bed. Until they heard a sound in their rec room.

"At about 11:45 we hear a door shut, and it kinda rattled Tucker, our dog." They carefully headed out of the bedroom. "I opened up the French doors to go to the rec room and my sliding glass door was open." The Maxwells don't usually lock the door, so Deanna knew it was easy for someone to enter the house.

Tolono Police Chief Richard Ranny says, "In today's world and even in a small community you should always keep your doors locked because you just never know." The Maxwells followed the noise to the garage, where they came face to face with the burglar.

Deanna says, "And when I looked around I saw a young man. He crouched immediately to get between our cars." Her husband works in IT, and the house was filled with electronics, but the thief was only interested in what little cash was in Deanna's purse.

Ranny says, "He ran out of the garage and went north, and that was the last they saw of him." Without saying a word, her husband opened the garage door to let the thief leave, unsure of who or what else could be a threat. "My husband wasn't armed at the time, he didn't know if there was another or two people in there, he didn't know what to expect. He knew that we were in the house so he didn't think this was the opportunity to be macho and take him on."

Adam Rife reporting