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Workers Try to Stay Cool

DANVILLE -- From roads to roofing to irrigation, people are working in the heat.

Matt Williams is a concrete finisher working on Vermilion Street and says, "We make the curbs look like curbs, make everything pretty."

Rick Tift works in irrigation and says, "We're installing a lawn sprinkler system for the Danville High School practice football field."

Everyone is doing their best to beat the heat and get the work done.

Tift says, "The heat takes a lot of energy.  It drains you so you got to keep well hydrated.  And, I wear long sleeve clothing to help keep the moisture in.  It helps keep you cooler."

Williams says, "A lot of Gatorade, shade when you can get it.  Start early, get off early."

Clocking in early allows most of the work to get done in cooler parts of the day.

But, even then, temperatures are high.

Tift says, "Break a sweat in the first half hour of working."

Williams says, "We just work until we can't work anymore, I mean, try to get as much done in the morning before it gets hot."

The sun poses real health hazards and people are planning ahead.

Williams says, "Oh yeah, definitely have the sunscreen."

Tifts says, "I have a problem these last couple years with getting some sun poisoning so I have to kind of wear long sleeves or apply sunscreen every two to three hours. With muddy hands all the time it's hard to put the sunscreen on without getting all muddied up."

Everyone is relieved when it's quitting time.

Williams says, "Well towards the end of the day you get a little wore out from the heat but you just have to do it I guess."

Tift says, "Put in my eight hours and then get to go home to the A.C."

ABC NewsChannel 15's Heather Good Reports