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Biking During Dialysis

At age 66, Michael Murdock likes to exercise a little he says it makes your legs stronger.

But its how and when he does it that looks a little odd. As he pushes the peddles, a dialysis machine cleans his blood.

His kidneys barely work, but he gets a workout that he says helps his body.

"If it wasn't for the bike i doubt i could walk now, said Murdock. "Its a life line, without the machine or a transplant, a patient can die from kidney failure."

Michael's exercise is part of a research program called Ihope- Intra Hemodialytic Oral Protein and Exercise. Monitored by the University of Illinoi and funded by a grant from National Institute of Health, Ken Wilund is the principal investigator for the program

"Its a really straight forward nutrition and exercise related intervention," said Wilund. "We have dialysis patients that come in for three or four hours probably three days a week on average and they're just sitting there. Its a good opportunity for them to get some physical activity while they are dialysizing."