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Governor Still Hasn't Take Action on Concealed Carry

With just 8 days remaining to a federal court imposed deadline, and 30 days after Illinois lawmakers passed concealled carry legislation, GOvernor Pat Quinn still hasn't taken action on the bill.
The governor started his day at a press conference in Chicago, where many lawmakers and their staffers expected Quinn to veto or amendatory veto the bill, the governor only offered a statement, that he'll act very shortly.
"Well I would like him to sign so we can get on and move on with things", says Democratic Representative SUe Scherer.
"This bill passed with a huge bipartisan effort," says Senator Sam McCann, "and it would be nice if the governor would sign the bill into law."
Scherer isn't necessarily expecting that to happen though.
"When we left special session last time, they said there was a chance that maybe we would be voting, again on concealled carry either July 8th or 9th," says Scherer, "well the only reason we would be voting is if he does veto something."
McCann tells us he doesn't think quinn should try to alter the legislation, such as banning concealled carry in chicago, or going from shall issue, where applicants get the permit if they meet the qualifications, to may issue where it's up to the issuing authority.
"We don't want to leave it up to someone's subjective opinion," says McCann, "it needs to be about objectivity, that's what laws or about, we objectiveley know that someone is 21 years of age, has a valid foid card, has no mental or judicial legal issues, that they would qualify for a concealled carry permit in the state of Illinois, under the legislation we passed, that's what we need to move forward with."
Both lawmakers tell us they are ready to return to Springfield if Quinn does either.
"Let's just say that I have no plans to be out of town next week," says McCann, "I plan on being available to be at the Capitol every day next week, and override any veto or amendatory veto that the governor might consider."
Reporting in Springfield, Mike Brooks ABC News Channel 15.