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Hoopeston Residents Ready for Clean-Up

HOOPESTON -- Everyone in Hoopeston remembers what they saw the morning J&R Used Tire Services caught fire.

Resident Mike Boyd says, "I looked out the door and looked over here and thought 'Oh my God, What in the world?'"

Resident Michele Allison says, "It looked like a storm cloud coming over our part of town."

It's been a month since the fire started at what was J&R Used Tire Services. 

The rubble continues to burn and residents say they are thankful for the quick response but are ready for the clean-up process to begin.

Assistant Fire Chief Joel Bird says, "Some are growing a little impatient that it's not going fast enough which is to be expected.  But, we're just asking everyone to be patient, that it will be taken care of here in the next little while."

Allison says, "I think it's getting ridiculous.  They need to clean it up."

Boyd says, "I can't believe it's still going."

Residents say they are concerned about water run-off and smoke in the air.

Boyd says, "I wish they'd get rid of it because it gives you a headache after a while."

Allison says, "A lot of times they can't come outside and play because the smoke is too bad."

It is likely flare-ups will continue on the property until the Environmental Protection Agency gives the all clear for clean-up.

Bird says, "We can move stuff around to put the fire out but it cannot move form the property.  It has to stay within the property limits."

Allison says, "I understand why they don't want the stuff to be moved but I think it should be."

A once in a lifetime fire according to firemen, residents are still very appreciative.

Boyd says, "This fire department, they were great."

Alexis Pickett is a resident and says, "I hope it goes out and I'm thankful for everybody that took care of it.  Thank god no one got hurt."

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing a plan to start the clean-up process.

Officials hope to see improvements on the property within a week.

ABC NewsChannel 15's Heather Good Reports