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Champaign PD Police 101

CHAMPAIGN--Police 101, is a new pilot program through the Champaign Police Department, that teaches community members the training officers go through, so they can be prepared for emergency situations.

Tonight's session taught  the use of force and what it means.

This first half of the course went over levels of force.

The State of Illinois recognizes two levels, non-deadly and deadly.

Although the Champaign Police Department also recognizes verbal persuasion as a level of force.

This can mean any dialogue communicated between police and an individual.

By non-deadly, this means a force which is not likely to cause death or great bodily harm.

Deadly, is when a firearm has been discharged, even though no intent exists to kill or inflict great bodily harm.

Police took us through various "real-life" scenarios that they have dealt, testing our use of force skills.

The point, Officer Jonathan Westfield said, was to have regular citizen understand what situations they face.

They say when they arrive on the scene, behavior of the individual is what determines the use of force they'll have to put in to play.

Police 101 is still in its' pilot program, however, there's still time to register for citizen police academy.

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ABC Newschannel 15's Marine Glisovic reports.