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FOID Card Delays Getting Longer

Prospective gun owners in Illinois are facing major delays toward purchasing firearms, and some say it amounts to a violation of their Second Amendment rights. The problem is the long wait to get a FOID card.

The entire Firearm Owner Identification Card process is only supposed to take 30 days.

According to the Illinois State Police, that time frame is now up to 64, and many applicants say they're waiting months longer than that to get their cards.

A big part of the problem is the number of applications.

"I think the state police is inundated with everybody that wants to get a FOID card now," Sid Letz, owner of Letz Hunt and Sport said. "Because concealed carry is supposed to be coming in June, so a lot of them that didn't care before are caring now. I've gone through three booklets of forms in just the last two or three weeks."

Kevin Fernandez and his stepson Jason Batchelor both applied for their FOID cards in December, with Kevin's arriving in February.

"It's a little long," Fernandez said. "I mean, everything is computerized generation nowadays anyway. With the click of a button they can find out whatever they want on anybody. And having to wait two or three months, on anybody, to get a FOID card, to be a law-abiding citizen, is ridiculous."

Batchelor, an army veteran, still hasn't received his.

"You've got constitutional rights that are, as it's written, inalienable," Batchelor said. "They're being alienated. There's nothing right about it. This negates the whole reason, that every person I know that I've served with--you're fighting for something, but for what? We're fighting for other people's rights but we don't have them here at home. That's the problem."

As an example of how big the volume of FOID card applications has gotten, they received 70,000 so far just in this month.

All of last year, they received less than 340,000.

According to the Illinois State Police FOID website, the top five reasons for application delays or returns are:
The application isn't signed.The U.S. citizen question isn't answered.Drivers license or state ID numbers are not entered.Questions are not marked "yes" or "no"The $10 fee is not included with the application.